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Moonlight shadow theatre has a range of terms and conditions which are obligatory for our successful performance. We kindly ask You to look through the main technical characteristics because the most important of them concern space and lighting facilities.

Shadow theatre performance requires a screen, projector and artists who work behind the screen. The projector is set behind the screen on the floor and works in the darkness. The screen is 4 m in width, 2.5 m in height.

We have all the equipment we need and we bring it with us to the venue (except for the sound equipment).


  • Complete darkness in the venue. The darker is in the room, the brighter is the color and the contrast of the figures on the screen.
  • The height of the ceiling should be minimum 3 m, the width of the stage minimum 6 m, and the depth of the stage – minimum 6 m.
  • There has to be 2 sockets on the stage (total power consumption should not be less than 0.5 kW).
  • Sound goes from our laptop that is also on the stage behind the screen. Together with the sound we play a presentation with animated background pictures (which are the part of our performance). It is also possible to play audio separately from the presentation, if there is no possibility to connect the sound wire to the laptop.
  • The monitor line has to be out of the our working area


It’s important!

Installation of the screen and decorations takes an hour, we also need time to check the sound before the performance and to dismantle the screen after our performance.

There should be an opportunity to use the side wings on the stage to hide what is happening behind the screen on stage from the audience.

Once we are ready for the performance, there supposed to be no people behind the screen (who are not connected to the performance).

Please note that in case of noncompliance with the conditions of technical requirements Moonlight shadow theatre may refuse to perform.



  • Transportation of theatre participants outside the Russian Federation is carried out by airplane with further delivery of the team to the place of residence. Transportation of equipment and the participants themselves from the place of residence to the place of performance should be carried out by a minibus. The host party is responsible for all the transportation costs.
  • For actors and management of the theatre, there should be booked rooms in a hotel with no less than 3-star rating.
  • The host party supplies the theatre participants with 3 meals a day (breakfast, lunch, and dinner) or pays daily allowance.
  • There should be a dressing room (with a space for 6-8 people) with mirrors, clothes hangers and chairs in the venue.
  • Presence of people, not involved in the performance, on stage is not allowed.
  • Photo and video shooting can only be arranged only on approval of the management of the theatre.



  • Demountable screen which has following dimensions when demounted:1.4 meters in length, 50 centimeters in width, weight 5 kg.
  • Three suitcases which do not exceed the luggage space each one.
  • A folder with requisite(weight 2 kg), goes as oversized luggage, without additional payment.
  • Projector (hand luggage).
  • Laptop (hand luggage).

Thus, technical equipment of the theater is carried without additional fees.


Thank you for your professional approach,
Moonlight shadow theatre team

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