Moonlight Shadow theatre
About us

Moonlight Shadow Theater is an original performance, a form of plastic theatre showing images and characters on the screen made with the shapes of human bodies. This is a unique genre that includes choreography, pantomime, acting and a sense of humor.

Every time we perform, the audience witnesses the magic of shadow theatre.

We bring our ideas to life with the help of the game of shadows and we invite you to this mysterious and illusory world!

What we offer
Already existing programs

We can perform at different kinds of celebrations and events (weddings, corporate parties, concerts). We have performances for adults and children.


We have an extensive experience in conducting master-classes and interactive programs for adults and children. This is a fun and useful way to spend time in a form of art therapy.

Development of a unique story

In collaboration with you we come up with a brand new storyline. This option allows us to consider all the wishes in a mini-performance, use the corporate identity of the company or other materials.

Special video content

We run different projects to create video in the genre of shadow theater: it can be a commercial for a company, part of a movie or just a video content for an event.

Our features

We can use the symbols of your company, its corporate identity in our performances.


We run our projects
according to your deadlines.


We have been creating our performances since 2013, the theater performs with tours in various cities in Russia and abroad.


All equipment that is needed for our show (except for the sound equipment), we bring with us wherever we perform around the world.


Fast, safe and reliable way of collaboration.

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